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Laurel & Hardy in Edinburgh, 1932

20 Mar

This delightful newsreel has just come to our attention and we had to share it. In scenes which seem to mirror those at Glasgow’s Central Station (but without the casualties – as far as we know), Stan and Ollie are seen arriving in the capital’s Waverley Station, visiting Edinburgh Castle, onstage at the Playhouse and indulging in some classic L&H “business”.


Cartoon Capers

8 Feb

City of Stars 2 001

Laurel & Hardy’s 1947 visit to Glasgow attracted a great deal of newspaper coverage. No wonder: it was their first trip to the city since 1932 when several people were hospitalised following a crush around Central Station where thousands of fans turned up to welcome their heroes. In the course of my research into the post-war visit, I found two cartoons – the first one, above, by the legendary Bud Neill, from the Evening Times and the other (below) from the Evening News. A photo of Stan and Ollie attending a gymkhana in the Glasgow suburb of Giffnock on the last day of their historic 1947 run at the Empire Theatre has pride of place at the forthcoming City of Stars 2 exhibition at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Watch this space.City of Stars 2 002

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