Stars in Scotland is a research project by Glasgow-based journalist Alison Kerr about the visits made to Scotland by legends from the worlds of movies, music and showbusiness during the 20th Century.

Alison began researching this subject when she worked in the offices of The Herald newspaper and discovered, while researching photographs to accompany her previews of films on TV, that many of her favourite Hollywood movie stars had walked the same streets as her – several decades earlier, often at the height of their fame.

At various times, Alison’s ever-evolving archive of research (largely in the form of newspaper cuttings) has been used for radio features, newspaper articles and, most recently, a major exhibition of photographs from the archive which initially ignited her passion – that of The Herald & Times.

City of Stars, an exhibition at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, opened in February 2012. Due to its popularity – it was one of the most popular exhibitions in the Hall’s two-decade history – the exhibition didn’t close at its original end date of September 2012. It has now been running for a year and is about to be replaced by City of Stars 2 (the sequel!).

Alison is now working with The Herald & Times photo archive to curate further exhibitions in Glasgow and further afield.

Contact: alison@alisonkerr.com


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